Restorative Dental Treatment

Nowadays, the number of studies intended for the prevention of dental diseases gradually increase. Restorative dental treatment involves the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all disorders or existing aesthetic problems associated with hard dental tissues, which develop due to bacterial or non-bacteria factors. Besides eliminating the patient’s complaints, restorative dental treatment also enables decayed, eroded, sensitive, discolored, gapped, and broken teeth as well as teeth with tissue anomalies to regain their missing functions and aesthetic appearance. The procedures that we perform in restorative dental treatment include early period caries diagnosis and treatment planning, conservative treatment approaches, composite and amalgam restorations, teeth whitening practices, computer aided aesthetic dentistry practices, porcelain restorations, and rehabilitation of anterior teeth with composite or ceramic laminates. Thanks to the laser and computer-aided technology we use; people with loss of hard dental tissue can be immediately treated, and aesthetic operations influencing your smile can also be performed on the same day.

What services are offered in restorative dental treatment?

Amalgam, composite and glass ionomer fillers.
Aesthetic approaches in dental traumas and tooth fractures.
Aesthetic restorations with direct and indirect composite and porcelain materials.
Treatment of dentin sensitivity.
Smile design.
Vital teeth whitening.
Vital pulp treatments.
Conservative dental treatments in geriatric and oncologic patients.
Individual anti-caries procedures in adults.
Pre-prosthetic restorations.

What Is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate Veneer is the fast and most reliable way for aesthetic restoration of the anterior teeth. There are 3 types of laminate veneers. These are ceramic laminate, aesthetic laminate and composite laminate. Porcelain laminate veneers are materials produced from ceramics, which are chemically bonded to the tooth structure. Composite laminate veneers can restore the deformed images of the teeth. They are added as composite materials to the outer surfaces of the anterior teeth, and then are shaped by the dentist as desired.

Who are suitable candidates for Laminate Veneer?

Laminate Veneer is applied to stained teeth, damaged teeth, crooked teeth, and gapped teeth. In restoration of stained teeth, teeth that have become stained due to a disease, or have lost their natural color due to food and drink consumption are treated with veneers. In restoration of damaged teeth, teeth that have become worn out due to improper use or teeth that have been broken during an accident are treated with porcelain Laminate Veneers. If you have gaps between your teeth, they can be easily covered with laminate veneers. In cases of crooked teeth, Laminate Veneers can be glued to the front sides of the teeth to obtain an aesthetically beautiful appearance.

How long does laminate veneer treatment take?

Laminate Veneer treatment is one of the treatment procedures that can be concluded within a day. However, if the Laminate Veneers are made from porcelain, the duration of the treatment will range from 5 to 6 days because it will also include a laboratory period.