Salmon DNA

Nowadays, you can support and strengthen your skin by the salmon DNA vaccine which is clinically proven and offers a very new approach to skin renewal. In addition, it can be said that the application of salmon DNA vaccination moisturizes the skin. This application, which affects the elasticity and tightness of the skin with elastin stimulation and collagen, also prevents radiation damages caused by harmful sun rays. The process gives much better results to those who look healthy and have a bright skin.

Uses of salmon DNA vaccine;

  • Illumination and reconstruction of the eye area,
  • During the treatment of stretch areas that occur during pregnancy and as a result of fast weight gain and loss,
  • In the regulation of skin structure,
  • In the renovation and repair of hand, neck, cleavage, lip and face areas,
  • In the treatment of acnes,
  • Crack and sag treatment in the knee area and in the inner arm areas

After the first session, influence area on ​​skin appears visibly. In addition, these effects continue to increase after each session and maintain its effectiveness for 1 year.

The results of salmon DNA therapy are also important. While the skin regains its elasticity and brightness, this situation is also reported in percentages in the evaluations made on the patients. Accordingly, 22% increase in elasticity and 15% increase on moisture ratio has been observed in the skin. After the application, it is observed that it strengthened the skin against water loss, it has a long-time moisturizing effect, it keeps and stores the water molecules, and hyaluronic acid level increases since it directs a significant amount of water molecules to their places. In addition, according to clinical studies for application, this process moisturizes the skin deeply and provides elasticity and tightness. It has also been shown that it protects and strengthens the skin against UVB rays. Thanks to its ability to regulate and improve the structure of the skin, it has been successfully applied to many patients in recent years and has achieved good results.